From the restoration of old photos to printing on canvas, aluminum dibond or ceramic tiles

Selection of old postal cards or photos

Picasquare is specialized in the creation of supports for wall decoration including printing on canvas, aluminum Dibbon or ceramic.

We produce high quality products based on photos or old postcards that we restore. After a rigorous selection, we restore and comment on our various documentary sources (around 150,000 references) to obtain quality finished products under various wall decoration supports:

  • canvas print
  • photo printed on aluminum
  • photo printed on plexigass
  • photo printed on ceramic tiles
carte postale ancienne

Retouche photo

Photo editing

Once the selection is complete, our photos or old postcards are scanned in several resolutions: 300dpi, 600dpi, 720dpi and 1200dpi.

The photos are then restored to Adobe PhotoshopTM :

  • reprise des contrastes
  • reprise de la luminosité
  • reprise des balances de blanc
  • nettoyage et suppression des imperfections : rayure, taches
  • suppression des oblitération
  • application de filtres spécifiques à Picasquare

Ce travail nous permet d'obtenir un document prêt à imprimer (PIA) que nous allons transmettre à notre imprimeur.

Impression sur toile, aluminium ou céramique

We use the latest generation printers at the cutting edge of technology and carry out rigorous and regular quality checks.

We maintain our machines carefully and modernize them regularly to meet the high demands required.

Each reproduction is unique and we do our utmost to obtain a perfect impression of your photo.

This is why we select noble materials and print with a wide choice of colors:

  • Direct printing: we use 6 inks instead of 4 in conventional printing plants.
  • Fineart printing! 12-color print with stunning contrasts.

We select branded and very high quality materials such as Forex, Hahnemühle paper, brushed Alu-Dibond or Butlerfinish® and Alu-Dibond digital® (for printing).

Once your order has been placed, your painting will be sent directly to our printing system and reproduced on the desired medium, in the size and with the details you specify.

Impression sur aluminium